Friday, July 22, 2011

ASP.NET Menu and cross-browser compatability.

I'm not a first or last one who spends a lot of time trying to adjust code for all possible browsers. In my previous post I uploaded a code how to general multilevel menu in ASP.NET environment. In this post I would like to take some time to talk about issues with various browsers which render code differently. Therefore, we might have different presentation.

I'm not first or last one who writes how painful for developers to code and recode pieces of software only because different browsers have own standards. As many of you know, in most cases Microsoft code works OK in IE, but have some problems with Firefox or Chrome.
In my case, it did work with IE and Mozilla Firefox, but if did not work for with Chrome and Safari. No matter how I tried to adjust menu for Chrome, it did not work out. I took a simple, but it looks to me, elegant decision.

I found a site and downloaded a sample-code. I worked on this code
and made the menu look exactly like I want and plugged into my code. Therefore, now my code works with most of popular browsers without any problem.

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