Thursday, February 16, 2012

CSS layout generator

Nowadays we can create css layout online. I was pleasantly surprised when I found these tools online. I just Googled "css layout generator" and found CSS layout generator In a minute, I generated HTML-page with CSS-file attached. It really speed up my work on new section 508-compalaint template for SRTR. I recreated the template in just 30-40 minutes. Now I have to create the actual pages for new and improved site. Meanwhile I will be working on archive presentations for USRDS.

I'm continuing to write in a 2 weeks. Actually the template I created using layout generator did not work out for me. I needed to create something more advance and look alike present site. I had to throw away the template and create completely new one which will work better with current design. I proudly have done this. Actually I found another interesting thing that generated by layout generator template did not work out in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The template created a lot of problems with page maintenance. It's one more reason I came out with my own master page.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RenderingMode in Menu

RenderingMode in Menu (ASP.NET 4.0)
I found some problems implementing ItemWrap for Menu in ASP.NET 4.0 Since RenderingMode is a List in default, it is not wrapping the text. I tried numerous ways, none of them does not work. It's quite interesting that the same code works just fine for ASP.NET 3.5. Truthly speaking, I did not know what to do to and how to fix the problem. Of course, I googled Internet, but did not find something useful. I even tried the Microsoft's code with sample of the menu with ItemWrap. Still does not work.
Finally, I tried to change the RenderingMode to Table. It works for me. My text was compeletely wrapped. Now my problem is solved. Remember, if itemwrap does not work as a list, try renderingmode is a table. It should work.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 and section 508

I started a new project for moving toward new HTML5 and section 508 website. First of all, I'm going through 508-standards documents and some PowerPoint presentations presented by Went to Internet trying to find some interesting sites which talk about benefits of section 508. Found some of them. Here they are:

My first step is reading of all papers and talking to editors and writers