Thursday, March 8, 2012



Today I used for first time a panel. I have to "hide and show" some parts of my master-page. Usually developers construct 2 different master pages. I decided to have one and implement the panels. Here's my code:

HTML-page with 2 panels (code segment)

<asp:Panel ID="PanelBreadCrumb" runat="server">
<div id="breadcrumbDiv" class="breadcrumb">
<asp:SiteMapPath ID="SiteMapPath1" runat="server" PathSeparator=" > " SiteMapProvider="Breadcrumb">
<CurrentNodeStyle Font-Bold="True" />

<asp:Panel ID="PanelRightSide" runat="server">
<td class="rightColumn2" valign="top">
<div style="padding: 10px;">
<ul class="ul_rightCol">
<li class="bullets">
<asp:HyperLink ID="Hyperlink2" runat="server" NavigateUrl="http://www.sample1.html"
Target="_blank" AccessKey="a">Sample1</asp:HyperLink></li>
<li class="bullets">
<asp:HyperLink ID="hypRates" runat="server" NavigateUrl="http://www.sample2.htm"
AccessKey="1" Target="_blank">Sample2</asp:HyperLink></li>
<li class="bullets">
<asp:HyperLink ID="hypChapter" runat="server" NavigateUrl="http://www.sample3.htm"
Target="_blank" AccessKey="2">Sample3</asp:HyperLink>
<li class="bullets">
<asp:HyperLink ID="hypData" runat="server" NavigateUrl="http://www.sample4.htm"
Target="_blank" AccessKey="3">Sample4</asp:HyperLink>

Code behind in VB.NET on Page Load: (code segment)

Dim PanelBC As Panel
PanelBC = CType(Master.FindControl("PanelBreadCrumb"), Panel)
PanelBC.Visible = False

Dim PanelRS As Panel
PanelRS = CType(Master.FindControl("PanelRightSide"), Panel)
PanelRS.Visible = True

This trick is a quite comfortable to use and reuse one master page for different layout through the same site. I hope to use the trick more and more.

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