Thursday, August 25, 2016

To be a customer.

I used to be the biggest fan of SEO. Many years ago, when Google just offered their concept to be first in searches, I decided to learn how it can be possible for anyone, who joins Internet community to predict Search results. I spent countless number of hours on Internet trying to find some patterns in Google searches. I have read many articles offered on Internet by many professionals, who believe they know secrets of Google. In those days SEO was a mostly search-centered methodology, which sometimes works for marketing and PR specialists. Even now, if you ask me, how to be first, my answer would be to work on content and find right keywords. The time, when SEO was a search-centered methodology, is gone, now SEO became a customer-centered industry, which wants to know more about potential customers than in most cases customers know about themselves. So, SEO is becoming a one of the most proactive informational channels in our life.
The first and somehow very important tool is Adobe SiteCatalyst,developed by Omniture and acquired by Adobe to become a part of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. From my personal experience, most of businesses don’t understand a value of analytics coming from Internet users, and SiteCatalyst makes easier to do a work around numbers. Being a content fanatic, one of the most important problems for me was and is content by itself. SiteCatalyst can help to determine what pieces of online content are being viewed, which is hugely important for most of businesses. Most of Internet users don’t have interest to read text from A to Z. They’re looking for the answers of their questions. If the content can give them the solution, they would consider starting conversation to a business. Content analysis is the most important part of SEO, which is sometimes neglected by different companies. Size does not matter, even product does not matter, but content will bring a right customers. Nowadays most of the businesses want to sell their products over Internet, and SiteCatalyst might be helpful to analyze which products are the most popular among users and how users look for these products. I’m not surprised, that some big companies brought SiteCatalyst to feel more confident with Internet traffic, visualize their customers; moreover the tools like SiteCatalyst can produce marketing research quite faster and more predictable.
Doing some work, I always learn something new. This time it’s Ensighten, tag management system, which allow to analyze and predict customer behavior. Tags are simply little snippets of code that influence how a website or webpage performs when a visitor visits it. Invisible to the user, tags can be used for a variety of marketing's most favorite things: third-party tracking, data collection, remarketing, conversion tracking, website personalization, attribution, and segmentation. First tags appeared around 2007. Now they are widely accepted and have been used by many businesses to attract new and retain old customers. Based on data was brought by tags, company make decisions, find solutions and even forecast events.
These days companies want to be on a top of searches as well as understand deeply their customers. As you can see, tools are available to do this important work. Many years ago marketing research used to take months and months, now you can generate reports on a fly using fresh and historical data As you can see Internet changes everything and everybody. We’re moving faster and deeper.

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