Friday, August 12, 2011

Tutoring others

Just couple months ago I began exploring world of SharePoint. My goal was to be comfortable with software and build up first portal website for the company I work. I was very new and my knowledge was so limited. I had a feeling I never can build this site. Thanks to a couple books and my determination to learn SharePoint up to the point when I would feel comfortable to satisfy needs of my colleagues, today I finished my first SharePoint portal website and ready to present to my coworkers. I'm really proud of myself. My boss asked to organize a tutoring session for 12 people who will use my site a lot. It's quite privileage and honor to tutor people especially for me who learned new software quickly and effectively. I'm still in learning phase, I'm still thinking I need to improve my skills a lot. It's just a first steps for me. Now I have to prepare myself for tutoring presentation.

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