Thursday, February 16, 2012

CSS layout generator

Nowadays we can create css layout online. I was pleasantly surprised when I found these tools online. I just Googled "css layout generator" and found CSS layout generator In a minute, I generated HTML-page with CSS-file attached. It really speed up my work on new section 508-compalaint template for SRTR. I recreated the template in just 30-40 minutes. Now I have to create the actual pages for new and improved site. Meanwhile I will be working on archive presentations for USRDS.

I'm continuing to write in a 2 weeks. Actually the template I created using layout generator did not work out for me. I needed to create something more advance and look alike present site. I had to throw away the template and create completely new one which will work better with current design. I proudly have done this. Actually I found another interesting thing that generated by layout generator template did not work out in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The template created a lot of problems with page maintenance. It's one more reason I came out with my own master page.

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