Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Introducing HTML 5

Finally I finished my first HTML 5 reading. My very first book about such important topic was "Introducing HTML 5" by By Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp (http://introducinghtml5.com/).
What I should say about the book... First of all, I choose this book because of good Internet reviews. Several websites suggested that if you’re looking for a nice, readable, non-stuffy, example-rich book to help you get started with HTML 5, please check out Bruce Lawton’s and Remy Sharp’s "Introducing HTML 5" For a second, the same sites listed areas of coverage of HTML 5 in the book, which was very interested to me. So, I was intrigued by the book.
The book successfully and intelligently covers the news things in HTML5, offers meaningful examples and provides a link between old world (HTML 4) and new world (HTML 5). It's not strictly manual. I would say, it's author's presentation of new version of the language, which covers certain areas for as many as possible browsers including a mobile ones. It gives overall conception for those who used to deal with HTML4 and tries to learn HTML 5. Definetely it's a book for experienced technical professionals. Personally I want to know how HTML 5 will work in multi-browser world. In recent years we have a choice to choose a browser and device to surf, but we did not have a choice in language. It looks to me, HTML 5 does a good work for multi-platform Internet word.
Definetely I would recommend this book for pro.

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