Thursday, May 26, 2011

SEO (several tips)

1. Very often people ask me the same question "Where to get some publicly available info about their website?"
and my very first answer is . Using, you can find Alexa Traffic Rank, link popularity, top sites by country or by category, search analytics, and audience. It's quite full picture for someone who is anxious about how his/her website is doing in Internet community.

2. What is Link popularity? It's new Internet-based terminology, but it has old meaning for those who like to make friends in life.
So according to Google, "link popularity refers to the number of hyper-links pointing to a page on the Web." Link popularity assumes that NOT all inbound links are equal.
How to check you linkage? I prefer . I'm sure you can find on Internet more tools to measure your site link popularity and all of them equally good.
They will give you a picture who is talking to you on Internet, who uses your info and who refer the traffic to you site.

3. Link exchange program. There are a lot of sites which offer this service to site owners. Personally I don't recommend to use these programs. Make a friends in Internet community by yourself. I know it's not easy, but it's possible.

Good luck!

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