Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Section 508

Many people has no clue about "section 508". I would like to spend some time and blog about this topic. For developers who used to develop a lot of front-end screen "section 508" becomes one of the important issues. First of all, there are number of sites dedicated to such important topic. Here are two of them:
HHS about section 508

Recently I did one special project dedicated to section 508. I worked on SRTR.ORG
I would like to share some guidelines from section 508 acceptance list.

- Checked for Description and Title Metadata, inserted Copyright Status
- Checked all URL’s contain the correct hyperlink, displayed the fully qualified URL and all URL's linked to the correct Web destinations
- Inserted in all images, grouped images and non-text elements that convey information ALTERNATIVE text descriptions
- Checked if all complex images have descriptive text immediately after the image
- Checked if all data tables in the document have a logical reading order from left to right, top to bottom
- Checked all documents file name not contain spaces or special characters. It's quite important for cyber security.
- Checked if document is free of scanned signatures because scanned signatures within documents are a considered a theft-of-identity risk

Full section 508 acceptance list could be find on Webaim

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